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Antelope Island

August 17, 2012

We got into the Salt Lake City area early enough to explore Antelope Island.  There are antelope on the island, but they’re yellow like the grass and hard to spot.  Considering the weather conditions on the island, it’s likely the majority of them committed seppuku and the survivors just deal with it.  We were surprised to see a large number of bison on the island.  There isn’t much shade, but they did have a wonderful little freshwater spring to slosh around in.

Antelope Island: Tropical Paradise.

Yeah, that’s about as green as it gets.

Smoked Bison.

What’s left of the corrals on the island’s farm.

Bison grazing near the old farm.

Teenage buffalo adding his contributions to the sustainment of the natural vegetation.

No one escapes Antelope Island alive.

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