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Oh Saskatchewan

August 11, 2012

Going to Saskatchewan is like visiting bizarro world, or going to the post-apocalyptic 70s.  The dirt roads are smoother than the paved ones, tons of buildings are either abandoned or falling apart, windows are broken everywhere, and there seem to be more people in the graveyards than inhabiting the towns.  The place needs a bit of an overhaul, though its wild side is quite delightful, particularly all the overgrown wild flowers delivering rapturous fragrances to your nostrils.  Aside from passing through a town named “Climax” and laughing our heads off, the ride was quite uneventful until we got on the main highway heading toward Calgary and crossed into Alberta.

Port of Entry… is that french for monkey?

Deserted old farm.

Left for dead.

Tiles in an abandoned house.

Saskatchewan beauty.

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  1. Alysa permalink
    August 13, 2012 17:08

    very interesting

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