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Healings in Fiji Part 4

July 18, 2012

Ok, so I don’t actually have time to share every single story of someone getting healed out here.  It literally happens all the time.  Yesterday I prayed for a small child name Saki at a medical clinic who had a stomach ache.  I asked him if he believed in Jesus and if he believed Jesus could heal him.  He said yeah.  We prayed for the child, telling the stomach ache to go, and it left.  The kid totally confirmed it.

Later that night I prayed for a woman that’s staying here at the Kennedy Centre with the interns.  She mentioned off-hand that she had a problem with her back from sitting in an awkward position on the bus.  A short prayer telling the pain to leave cleared that up.  Wow!

Today my friend Sarah and I took our trainees with us to pray for a Hindu woman who has been asking about the god who heals.  She’s an elderly woman who has been diagnosed with cancer, and her daughter ran into Sarah on the street and started asking questions.  They’ve started going to a Salvation Army church in hopes of getting healed.  The woman’s daughter met Sarah on the streets of Lautoka yesterday and invited her to come and pray.  A group of 4 of us took a 20 minute drive, which ended up being 45 minutes after all we knocked on a few doors trying to figure out which one was her (no one really has a house number out here, so you turn left at the sugar field, pass the pink house and its somewhere next to the three coconut trees on the right).  Sarah prayed with her daughter for the woman yesterday, and today the woman said she felt somewhat better and was able to get some sleep.  After prayer, we saw that her demeanor changed but no real sign of healing.  Still, we made some friends out there and have an open invite to visit their house whenever we come back to Fiji.

We had to find our way back to Lautoka, so we took a bus back with our two trainees.  We were over 45 minutes late getting back.  While Sarah and I were walking back to the church to meet up with the other interns to go home, I saw a guy with his arm in a sling.  Awesome!  (I guess it’s kind of twisted to get excited at other people’s injuries, but I’m just stoked that it’s almost an open invitation for people to experience the power and love of God right in the moment).  Anyway, I asked the guy about his injury.  He hurt his shoulder playing rugby.  I asked him if he knew Jesus.  Yes.  Can I pray for you?  Yes.  Is it ok if I put my hand on your shoulder while I do it?  Yes.  A quick prayer later and the pain was completely gone.  But he still had his hand in the sling, so I asked him if he can take his arm out of the sling.  He cautiously pulled it out, then began to move it around.  Being the tough guy that he was, I’m not sure he was the smiling type, but he cracked a little one after that.  I told him that Jesus did this, and that he loves him very much.  I also told him that I’ve got a book out about Jesus and handed him a copy of the Gospel of John… ok, I told him it wasn’t really my book.  I gave him a little booklet about trusting Jesus, told him we were late and had to run, but we’d meet up with him at 3 the next day if he wanted to.  He said he would, we’ll see what God does.

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