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Healings in Fiji – Part 3

June 28, 2012

Fun in the Hospital

On Wednesday we went in small groups around Nadi to tell people about Jesus.  I really wanted to go to the hospital and pray for people, because I find that when Jesus heals the sick its a more natural reason to talk to people about him than coming up to people and talking to them without an introduction.

We went to the hospital, but missed visiting hours.  The security guards wouldn’t let us go into the wards to pray for people, so we went to the administration and started knocking on doors.  We walked into one office and spoke to one lady, who answered our questions and told us about her love for Jesus.  She directed us to the administrators office, who answered our questions and then taught us a thing or two about Jesus.  Turns out he’s a pastor as well.  He was stoked that we wanted to pray for people and tell them about Jesus, so he took us to the guards and had them let us through security.  Sweet!

We walked into the woman’s ward.  The first woman we met was from the village of Nabila (pronounced: nambilah), where we had just spent the weekend living with the villagers, so she was happy to see us.  She was lying in bed with a plate of untouched food in front of her.  She had a swollen leg, so we prayed for the swelling in the leg to go down and the pain to leave.  She got some relief, but the swelling stayed.  She brightened up though and told us that she hadn’t been able to eat for days and after we prayed she got her appetite back.  I don’t think that plate stayed untouched for long after we left!

We walked around the curtain to the next bed.  The woman was on old Muslim woman who let us pray for her.  Her daughter (I think) spoke English and asked her some questions for us.  We had a difficult time communicating with her clearly, so we didn’t linger too long, but her leg was swollen too!  So we prayed for her, and she experienced some relief, but was still in some pain.  So after praying for her and relating how Jesus loves her, we moved on to a different bed.

The next bed was empty, so we went to the last bed.  There was a Fijian woman in it, with… you won’t believe it!… another swollen leg!  Not sure what the enemy was up to, but seems like there was a theme going on in there, and I’m sure it wasn’t just the “swollen leg ward.”  As we spoke to her, we learned that her village had a lot of witchcraft in it… the swollen legs are starting to make more sense now.  Anyway, we prayed for her and she said she felt totally better!  While we were praying for her an Indian woman was brought into the empty bed we passed up earlier, and was clearly in a lot of pain.  So while the rest of the group was with the Fijian woman, I went over to pray for the Indian woman.

I asked if I could pray for her and what she needed prayer for, to which she accepted and told me she had heart issues… kind of like the guy at the bus stop… patterns again.  I could see in her eyes that there was something demonic causing it, but it wouldn’t leave when I told it to go.  I’m not sure why just yet.  As I prayed for her she began to brighten up and get some apparent relief.  Then she asked for me to pray for her fever, which left after telling it to leave in Jesus’ name.  After that, she told me her lower back/spinal cord had pain also, so I prayed for that and it left.  I asked her where else she had pain, she said in her neck, so I prayed for that and it left.  She said she felt better, but she was still shivering and was cold.  Still, we got a chance to tell her about Jesus and how he heals and is more powerful than the other gods.  She said she wanted to follow Jesus, so I prayed with her to receive Jesus.  We were already way late to meet our ride back to the center, so we had to leave, but we left her a copy of the book of John and some other information.  Due to the language barrier and time constraints, I’m not sure what exactly the results of it all were, but we didn’t go to the hospital to get results, we went there to communicate God’s heart to them.

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