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Healings in Fiji – Part 2

June 27, 2012

One line on the left means no malaria.

Death to Malaria

Some of you reading may know Sarah Hipp, who is a friend of mine from St. Andrew’s Church in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.  She’s a fellow intern here in Fiji with Evangelism Explosion.  We’ve had a few stragglers showing up after the bulk of the interns arrived last week, she happens to be one of them.  About a week ago she contracted malaria while in Rwanda, where she has been doing mission work of her own.  We were praying for her, knowing that she might not be able to fly out here due to her illness.  I had a feeling God was going to heal her though.  Sarah’s a little really crazy, so it didn’t surprise me that she was flying despite her sickness.  She flew from Rwanda, through the Middle East, into Melbourne and then to Sydney (Australia) before flying into Nadi, Fiji.  Oh yeah, and she did it all while sick with malaria.

Sarah arrived last night with strict orders to go to bed and get some rest.  I disregarded these orders and caught up with her for a while, deciding that we were going to pray this crap (malaria) off so she could stay up as late as she wanted.  In the doorway of her room, I prayed for her, telling the malaria to leave in Jesus’ name.  We prayed twice and she said she felt better.  She had a malaria test thingy from Rwanda, so we opened it up, got a blood sample and confirmed that the malaria did in fact leave her.  How cool is that??  She’s been fine and full of energy all day, and even went with us to the hospital to pray for other sick people and tell them about Jesus.  More of those stories to come…

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  1. Alysa permalink
    June 28, 2012 12:05

    God is so merciful. Praise the Lord!!!!

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