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Healings in Fiji – Part 1

June 27, 2012

Yesterday we went to Nadi to tell people about Jesus.  While we were out there I was asking God to bring someone we could pray for, that they could experience God’s love for them.  Just as we were finishing talking to some students, a man with crutches sat down on the end of a bench we were near.  As soon as we finished up I suggested we talk to that man next.  We walked over and asked what had happened to him and if we could pray for his healing.

He said that he was a construction worker and he fell off a building and injured his spine, and that he would like to have us pray for him.  After a short prayer of healing, he said he experienced some relief from the pain he was in.  I told him that the same way God has begun to heal his body God also wants to heal his heart.  Without missing a beat he said, “I also have problem with my heart,” as he reached into his pocket to pull out a bottle of pills he takes when he feels a heart attack coming on.  So, we asked if we could pray again for 100% relief and for his heart as well, and he agreed.

Earlier in our conversation he mentioned that he believed Jesus was God and that he believed in all gods, and that he believed Jesus could heal him.  Since there are a lot of Hindus in Fiji, I assumed he was a Hindu.    As we asked more questions we discovered that he was a Muslim, which was confusing for me since Muslims aren’t polytheists.  Furthermore, (this is the coolest part) he told us that he had an experience of Jesus healing him while he was in the hospital.  He had some Muslims pray for him and nothing happened, but a church came by and prayed for him later and he was completely healed and walked out of the hospital a couple hours after.

When we asked him why he was still following other gods and Mohammed, he said that he knew Mohammed had no power and that Jesus had all the power, but he was hesitant to follow Jesus because he would be shunned by his family.  We explained to him that we can’t serve two masters, that one has to decide to follow either Jesus or Mohammed.  I realize Jesus is a major figure in Islam, and that there are people in the school of thought that one can truly follow Jesus as a Muslim.  I don’t really have a strong position on that myself so I didn’t try to push him either way, but left him to consider what we told him about.  No real conclusion to the story, but in the end, we’re not trying to make anyone believe anything.  Making a choice to follow Jesus is a huge one, often its a choice that has some very hefty costs like rejection by friends and family.  Ultimately, it’s a decision he has to be willing to make.

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