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Living in the Future

June 20, 2012

Exciting things in Fiji already!  We arrived at ~0445 Fijian time, except it’s Thursday… we skipped a whole day!  How crazy is that?

This trip is a monumental occasion for me, if nothing else, because I have never flown in a Jumbo Jet before… crazy, right?  You’d think with all the flights I’ve been on, I’d have flown on a Jumbo Jet by now, but no… this was the first.

Isn’t she beautiful?

Tito made it safe and sound.  No dings!  No breaks!  Air Pacific knows how to treat surfboards.  Tito misses his big brother Michael Jackson (my 9’0 longboard), but he’s totally stoked at the possibility of surfing Tavarua this weekend (Cloudbreak, Restaurants).  One of the men on staff with EE over here is a pastor and nearly his whole congregation works at the surf resort on Tavarua.  We’re heading to a nearby island to stay with a village this weekend, so he’s probably going to get me out to the historic break.  Hopefully it’s not sending 30 ft swell again (like last week)… overhead will be big enough I think… maybe too big even then.

This is last week’s swell:

Tito, safe and sound on the roof rack as the morning dawns.

In other news, it’s absolutely beautiful here.  Check out this morning’s sunrise as we headed to the center.

God is faithful, and wherever I go he goes as well… maybe the other way around, I dunno.  Still, he reminds me of his presence by the doves he chases me down with.

Yes, even in the middle of the Pacific, the doves follow me.

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