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Going Bye Bye… Again??

June 18, 2012

Tomorrow I fly out of sunny Southern California yet again.  This time, I head to sunny Fiji and Vanuatu for a 6 week internship with a group called “Evangelism Explosion.”  Rad name right?  If you’re wondering why that name, it’s a product of the 60’s… alliteration and all.  The name may be funky, but I love telling people about Jesus.  I met Jesus in 2003, he changed my life, and I love introducing him to others.  It’s as simple as that.  No cramming religion down people’s throats, just an invitation to meet someone who I think would change your life too.

So what’s the internship all about?  It’s primarily a time to get away from life as we know it and spend it asking God what course he would have us take in life.  Beyond that we’ve got some service projects lined up with the locals, we’ll be training a church(es) in Vanuatu, and probably more.  I guess Vanuatu has some history with cannibals eating missionaries, which I think is exciting.  At the end of it, they’ll drop me and the rest of the pacific interns off in Colorado for a summit with the other EE interns from Washington, DC.

I’m hoping this proves to be a fruitful time to reset after being on the go since February.  I’ve been missing consistent fellowship for a while now.  Though Charleston was great, I haven’t really had the ability to connect with my good friends for more than a few weeks at a time.  So I’m looking forward to spending some time with some passionate followers of Jesus, but also getting some time to stop and listen to God.  Exotic places and friends are nice, but there’s nothing like hearing from God.  That’s what I want more than anything.

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