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Refinishing a Table

June 12, 2012

This is the blemish after I tried to match/reseal it.

I played soccer in high school.  I wasn’t very good, but I loved it.  During my sophomore year we didn’t have a goalie, so I decided to give it a whirl.  Again, not that great at it, but I had fun.  I still remember getting my first pair of goalie gloves.  The first night I got them I wanted to test them out, so I had my brother throw a soccer ball at me as hard as he could… *small detail, we were doing this indoors.  He’d throw it, I’d catch it. Awesome!  They really do work!  He’d throw it again, I’d catch it.  Yeah, they’re still awesome!  “Throw it harder!”  He’d threw it, I deflected it… in slow motion, I watched as the soccer ball arced away from my hands.  I could see where the ball was heading, and it wasn’t good.  The ball smashed through my mother’s beautiful Russian tea set.  We knew we were screwed, but we quickly assessed the damage looking for a way out.  Only the cream pourer thingy was broken!  That was way better than the whole set!  My mom wasn’t home, so my brother and myself spent the next two hours meticulously gluing it back together.  It was almost perfect, except one section dead center that had chipped so finely that glue wouldn’t fix it.  So we turned it around, facing the opposite direction.  It was the perfect crime.  Six months later, or so my mom started yelling.  “WHO BROKE MY TEA SET???”  We fessed up, but we were laughing because it had taken her so long to figure out.  As we saw it, she’d missed her window of opportunity to punish us.

Well, this time things were a bit different.  I was working on my travel map on the dining room table, burning the border in with a heated tool and inadvertently stripped the finish off in a 6 inch long, 1/2 inch wide strip.  No way to patch that one without getting caught.  This time I fessed up from the start.  Well, the powers that be have been hounding me to fix the table, and I patched it to keep the wood safe, but my attempts were weak at best.  Now with a lull between the chaotic travels of my life, I decided it was time to fix the table.  I started yesterday, and it’s basically done now.  That’s a new record for any of you who have been around during m projects.  They usually take months.  The table looks pretty amazing now.  Here are a few time lapse videos I made of the event.  I’m just glad it’s finished.

Stripping the finish with a heat gun… so much better than sanding or using chemicals.

Applying the one-step stan/sealer.  I was planning on staining it and then sealing it, but they thought this would be better so who am I to argue?

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  1. Alysa permalink
    June 28, 2012 11:53

    It still needs work!

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