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Valley of Fire

May 9, 2012

Just a couple quick photos from the Valley of Fire in Nevada.

I love the terrain so much, I’m planning on shooting a TV drama there about Cavemen. I’ll call it “CCSI,” or Caveman Crime Scene Investigation, or possibly “The West Wing (of the Cave).” The aim will be to focus on their daily lives and depict the challenges and struggles they face, and what life was really like thousands of years ago. I need a cast though, anyone wanna be on TV? I can’t pay you, but you get to wear a loin cloth, eat partially cooked meat, and grunt a lot. Also, there’s a chance of being arrested and/or kicked out of the park, but there are a few places like this in the area.


More pretty rocks.

Robert is a great person to travel with, so I gave him a planet.

Even Native Americans had foot fetishes.

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