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Road Pranks

April 5, 2012

Jeremy with some cardboard in his helmet, eh?

With just a few more days to go on this crazy trip, I’ve refocused my purpose a little from cooking/driving/mothering to making their lives more exciting by drawing unnecessary attention to them.

Some of it started yesterday with sticking some cardboard into Jeff’s helmet, forming a unicorn horn of sorts.  David wouldn’t have it for the documentary, so he had to let the cat out of the bag.  It would have been epic to immortalize the prank in his film.  No worries though, I bounced back and stuck an inner-tube box in Jeremy’s (our token Canuck) helmet this morning.  To my knowledge, he’s still oblivious to it and cycling through Georgia with it as you read.

A size comparison of Energy Chews vs Vegetable Bouillon. You can see how easy this was.

Better yet, I tried a couple times to get someone to eat a Vegetable Bouillon cube instead of one of Ron’s energy chews.  At first I just tossed one in the bag.  Too obvious.  So I cut one down with a knife and wrapped it in a chew wrapper.  Hadrian opened it, but suspiciously asked Ron if they’re supposed to look brown and crumbly rather than red and gooey.  Of course, Ron blew it only to realize it was a prank later.  If you want to do something right, sometimes you have to do it yourself and eliminate the “human” factor.  So I took it a step further and smashed one of his chews, cut the bouillon down even further and wrapped the bouillon inside of the candy chew, giving the sweet berry flavored energy supplement a zesty savory inside.  This time it worked.  In fact, it worked so good I thought I failed at first.  Ron bit into one before his ride and chewed on it for a good 20 seconds before the overwhelming ultra-concentrated vegetable flavoring ambushed his tongue.

Ron vows vengeance.

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