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Snake Infested Lake Race

April 4, 2012

It's hard to get rid of a beard for good once you've grown one. I shaved mine off but the lake gave me a new one. Also, check out our farmer's tans. Pretty sexy, no? Also, also, the expression on my face is kind of creepy. Maybe not so sexy after all.

Amazing day of travel today.  We barreled through Mississippi and Alabama a couple days ago, where I shaved off my mustache in mourning.  We were in Florida for a couple of days, which included a stop at Brownsville Assembly of God (where a revival hit a few years back).  I made a friend there who invited me to PHOP (pronounced Pee-hop) aka the Pensacola House of Prayer while the other guys were watching the Hunger Games.  It was great.  Pushing onward, we made it to Tallahassee, where we were hosted by a wonderful family who let me use their dog’s hair trimmers to cut my hair.  Worked great!  This morning we set out early for a shorter day of ~75 miles and crossed into the state of Georgia.  We finished early, so that meant copious amounts of leisure time for all, including swimming, a jacuzzi, billiards and pulled pork sammiches.

The culmination of the night came right after dinner when we were talking to our hosts about their pond, which they said snakes lived in.  Some of the guys started offering money to anyone who swam across the lake.  David, our documenter volunteered when it got to $40 and I jumped in when they offered $100 for the winner of a race.  We walked to the other side of the pond and on the count of three swam our guts out to get to the other side.  I got a good jump on David, so he was just a little behind, but the pond was wide enough and our arms weak enough that we ran out of steam halfway across the pond.  From there it was all mental.

We probably produced enough commotion to scare the water moccasins away, but my fears turned to the high probability of ingesting some sort of water-borne parasite… time will tell.  In the end, I made it across first (probably the first race I’ve ever won with a cash prize… does this make me a professional swimmer?  How many wins before you get that kind of title?).  Winning cash was nice, as I’m currently unemployed-ish, but it was really the pride of crossing a snake infested lake unscathed that will last forever.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been so thankful to shower and rid myself of my new pond-scum-neck-beard.

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