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Welcome to Louisiana!

March 27, 2012

So we entered yesterday, but I didn’t have time to post any pictures yesterday, so forgive me.  We stayed at a Casino yesterday… well, the RV park was a part of a Casino and may have been the #1 RV park in the world… then again, Dubai tends to get #1 in anything that can be built/cultivated in the desert, so don’t put money down on that statistic.  Today has been a series of getting lost, trying to keep my supercharged double-wide on the narrow roads (I don’t understand why they have to be so narrow.  4 more inches of width would really help the Honey Badger out).  According to legend, my paternal roots are in Louisiana, which is probably why I can grow such an astonishing mustache with ease.  Somewhere there’s a stronghold of Stinsons fishing gators and snapping turtles out of stagnant water.

I usually make a point to take a picture of the "welcome sign" when I get into a new state. This was my attempt to capture it. Epic fail, I know.

This evening we I got lost several times.  We were traveling along the bank of the Mississippi at the end of the day, just a stones throw (ok, maybe a bit further) from the state of Mississippi, when I finally found the guys and attempted to get to an RV park for the night.  My Australian voiced GPS tried to kill me, which isn’t unusual I might add, but running me over a levee into the Mississippi where David confirmed having seen a 9 foot (yes he measured it) Alligator only minutes earlier.  After making a figure eight (usually going in a circle is enough to get me back on track), we gave up on finding the RV park and asked a friendly local mustache-toting crayfish salesman for lodging advice.  He pointed us up the highway to a Casino we never made it to.  Spotting pizza, and knowing the guys were hungry, I turned the Honey Badger around and headed for the pizzeria/convenience store/motel lobby we just passed.

There was a wonderful bouncer named Brooks directing traffic and taking pizza orders outside of the pizzeria/convenience store/motel.  We got a crap ton of pizza for nothing, due to the “Tuesday Special” which included an extra 2-topping pizza for just 2 dollars with every pizza purchase.  Crazy.  So were we for eating it.  David advised that we just spend the night here at the motel, which a salesman might be describe as “shady” to improve its overall appeal.  After 25 long minutes of waiting, we finally got our pizzas and proceeded to devour them like animals… even Craig munched his cheese pizza with ferocity.  The RV is parked outside of the pizzeria/convenience store/motel currently.  I’m occupying it, and I can say with confidence that it’s quite the experience.  From stray cats, to potential drug deals, it’s proved to be a great place to people watch.  However, sleeping has been a chore.

Lots of dead people live in Louisiana.

Crawfishingboat captain taking his amphibious vessel across the highway. Yes, we were the weird ones.

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