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Slow Day in a Small Town

March 18, 2012

Last time we had a “rest day” the guys rode 20 miles.  This time we’re having a legit rest day. 0 extra miles today.

Jeff gets strangled by a ghost with scissors.

Jeff got up early to cut his hair.  He set up a time lapse camera, and inadvertently captured a frightening encounter with the supernatural.

Simon got a 15 minute window to share at the local Presbyterian church here in Sanderson.  Following church, we were going to stop in at the Dairy King, the local diner, but it was closed.  Too bad.  So, we walked into a local food market/antique store to try and find some frozen pizza, as per Craig’s recommendation.

When we expressed our dismay about the Dairy King being closed, the store clerk picked up the phone to call the owner for us, who we suspect just didn’t want to go to work today.  Totally understand.  Since that trail led nowhere, we headed to the local hangout (the gas station at the end of town)… seriously, we didn’t see much of anyone around town until we went to the gas station.  It might also serve as the unofficial town parking lot.  There were a grip of people inside the shop lining up to get fried foods and fajitas.  Who woulda thunk it?  I had an argument or two about what counted as a side and what counted as a main-dish… apparently spring rolls don’t count as sides in Texas.

Simon and Craig, skyping with their wives, who in turn wanted to talk to each other so the guys are holding up their computers. What gentlemen. Almost like holding your wife's purse while she shops.

We’re all hanging out at the church this afternoon, skyping family, catching up on emails, blogs, football (soccer) scores, and living the small-town life.  Ain’t it grand?

Tomorrow we’ve got an early wakeup.  Heading to Del Rio before sunrise.  Woop dee doo.

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