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And He Went Forth and Broke Wine

March 10, 2012

Driving the RV is perilous.  I’ve dubbed it “The Honey Badger” due to its beastly nature, and ability to spread intimidation to vehicles of all sizes on the road.  The Honey Badger doesn’t care, really.  It does have its achilles heel though, which are bumps in the road.  Crazy, I know.  I took a corner a little too sharply today and ran the back tire over a curb, causing the chassis to sway side to side rapidly and wine and fruit to rain from the cupboards and the fridge.

Though 3 bottles of wine escaped from the cupboard, we only sustained one casualty, which thankfully cleaned up very well.  I found fruit all over the RV, with oranges having rolled all the way up to the driver’s seat and a melon back near the bed.  Thankfully they were all in tact.  This is the sort of explosion I’m privileged to deal with while the guys are out enjoying the beautiful Arizona scenery in the open air.

May I present to you, the internal carnage of the Honey Badger:

How the hand sanitizer managed to remain in its place and upright, I'll never know.























David, if you’re reading this, I’m deeply sorry about the wine.  I know it meant a lot to you.  If you want, I’ll buy you another $8 bottle of Wal-Mart wine and mail it to you in Bordeaux.

Bike for Burundi . com

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  1. March 11, 2012 07:08

    $8 Walmart Wine? Wow, that must be top shelf stuff, as I did not think they sold that good of wine.

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