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The Pandemonium

March 9, 2012

It’s been a crazy few days.


Perty, ain't it? That's how they talk in Arizona. Not really.

We’re on Day 5 of Bike for Burundi, and the guys are already on the other side of Phoenix, AZ and continuing east.  From the perspective of the driver, it’s been absolutely bonkers.  I’ve literally had almost no time to do much of anything.  When I do get downtime, it’s hard not to take a nap.

It’s generally up at ~5, drive all day, work on lunches, getting water filled, finding ice for Simon’s ice pack, stopping for them, cleaning up, moving on to somewhere else.  In the evenings after we drive to wherever I stay, there’s still more to be done.  I get the RV situated, then I start cleaning up, filling water bottles, and take care of whatever odds and ends haven’t been completed yet.  I’ve gone to bed up to an hour and a half after everyone else has fallen asleep nearly every night.  It’s been a pretty intense couple of weeks.  I’m not sure I’ve had a true day of rest in about three or four weeks.


Geoff and I before he 'Got to the Choppa'. Oxygen helps cure jet lag apparently.

That said, we’ve had our ups and downs.  Simon’s knees seem to be holding up really well, and the rest of the guys are doing great.  Our teammate Geoff got air-lifted out of Blythe to Palm Springs due to severe jet lag.  Well, that’s not entirely fair.  He was having headaches and a difficult time adjusting to the conditions of the desert after flying in and showed symptoms of heat exhaustion.  Wanting to keep it from developing into heat stroke we took him off the road, and a few hours later drove him to the hospital.  A couple of tests led the doctors to believe Geoff had a mild heart attack somehow (Seemed a little bogus to me, but they’re doctors, who’s gonna argue with them?).  So yeah, big ordeal, his family flew out to England that day, finding him to be very healthy when they arrived, and are now enjoying a surprise holiday in Palm Springs as a result.  Geoff should be joining us later on in the trip when he’s a little better conditioned to keep riding.

They guys keep plugging away.  Mile by mile, they’ve slain the mighty Phoenix.  I, on the other hand, continue to do battle with it.  I absolutely hate Arizona.  Every time I come here I get lost.  David, our host last night, laughed at me as he helped navigate me around the city and back to his house after I tried to look for the guys later in the day.  I took our bikes to get worked on at AZ Ciclery in Litchfield Park (just outside of Phoenix), then set off to pick up the guys, who turned into a moving target as they tried to get in a couple more miles while I located them.  Apparently I’m all jacked up inside because I got turned around in a grid-based city.  Yeah, I’m the guy they trust with directions.  I know what you’re saying.  Shut up!

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