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Free Bike

March 3, 2012

Bike for Burundi kicks off Monday morning in San Diego.  Four men will cycle from San Diego to Charleston, South Carolina over a period of 35 days.  This is all to raise funds for projects hosted by Great Lakes Outreach’s partners in Burundi, a small country bordering Rwanda and the DRC.  For the duration of the trip I’ll be driving the 35′ RV, cooking, scouting, and overseeing the day to day operations of the team.

Currently we’re in Torrance, California, being hosted by Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd.  The riders have flown in from as far as England and the East Coast.  David (the photographer) and I drove the RV from North Carolina all the way out here over the course of roughly 4 days.  We’ve got our food stores.  Our equipment and spare gear.  We’ve got one more day in Torrance and we’re off to San Diego to begin the ride.  There are a lot of unknowns.  At this point, I think every one of us out here is wondering whether or not we’re going to fulfill our mission.  Jeff’s got an achilles tendon issue, Simon’s got knee injuries from over-training… me… I just hope my cooking is decent.

Bob. McManus (in red), standing with Craig, Jeff, Geoff and Simon as he give us his road bike. Amazing generosity.

Even with all the unknowns and uncertainties, we’re still seeing God do some amazing things with us.  Simon’s father, David mentioned that he had been praying and hoping that we would get a spare bike for the trip, just in case something happened to one of the bikes along the route.  Good road bikes range from the $1000 range and up.  This morning a couple of our teammates were taking a walk in the morning with their host family and stopped by a neighbor’s yard sale.  After talking to them about the bike trip and asking a lot of questions, the man offered to give us his bike from an Iron Man competition he participated in some time ago.  His wife was pretty shocked that he gave it to us, because of what the bike had meant to him, and probably what it cost as well.  Thank you Bob for your generous donation!

Bike for Burundi starts Monday!

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  1. Rosel permalink
    March 5, 2012 09:30

    I love how God answers prayer, especially in such unexpected and unique ways.
    May the achilles tendon, knees, all body parts function in their absolute prime!!!!!
    As far as your cooking abilities John, if your bread is an indication of your skills and abilities, the boys will want you as their own private chef after the 35 days.

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