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DIY Hammock

September 29, 2011

I started getting interested in hammocks earlier this summer.  I slept in one at a friends house.  Another friend was inspired by it and now sleeps in a hammock instead of a bed.  I’ve been looking into hammocks for a few years as a potential sleep system for hiking.  It’s only recently that I got inspired to make one myself.  Well, I had some help from one of my coworkers, who had her mom hem the edges and sew loops into the tree straps.

Here are the results:

The Design is pretty simple, 9′ of ripstop nylon by 30 inches wide (really as wide as they’ll go).  You have to whip the long ends together (basically bunch up each end and tie around them with some cord).  They you tie a length of rope on each end of the hammock.  The straps are just nylon straps with loops sewn into each end to keep from tearing up the tree bark.  Straps go around the trees, a carabiner connects the straps to the ropes coming off your hammock.  Simple design, but still requires some work.

I’m still working out the bugs and customizing it.  If you are interested in building your own, has really helpful instructions for making your own hammock.  My hammock is based off of his instructions.

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